Solicitor's Intervention ProgramsSolicitor's Intervention Programs


The Solicitor’s Intervention Programs were established by South Carolina state statute in an effort to encourage individuals to make a positive contribution to the community while affording the participant an opportunity for a second chance and ultimately deter future criminal behavior.

The programs are offered as a diversion to ordinary prosecution. Entrance into a diversion program is not an admission of guilt nor is it considered a plea. Participation in a diversion program is voluntary. While participating in diversion, the active case remains pending. However, upon completion of the diversion program, the charges are dismissed with the option of expungment.

  • Pretrial Intervention Program
  • Alcohol Education Program
  • Traffic Education Program
  • Juvenile Diversion Program
  • Juvenile Arbitration Program
  • Youth Mentor Program
  • CHANGE Program

  • Mary Powell

    Mary Powell

    Director: Solicitor's Intervention Programs

  • Tiffany Lee

    Tiffany Lee

    Deputy Director: Solicitor's Intervention Programs

Drug Court Contact Information

Mary C. Powell
Deputy Director
Tiffany C. Lee
Phone: (843) 915-5365
Fax: (843) 915-6360
Physical Address
1005 Second Avenue
Conway, SC 29526
Mailing Address
1005 Second Avenue
Conway, SC 29526