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The Horry County Veterans Affairs office is committed to assisting veterans and their dependents in filing claims for benefits for which they may be eligible.


The Horry County Veterans Affairs Department assists veterans and their families in applying for all eligible benefits for which they may be entitled, including but not limited to, disability compensation, pension, death, educational, home loan guarantee and/or medical. They also assist veterans' survivors in filing for death benefits, survivor benefits annuity, burial benefits, and insurance annuity.

This Office Does:

  • Assist in the preparation and filing of claims with the VA Regional Office and the Board of Veterans Appeals
  • Help veterans file applications for the review of discharge or the correction of military records
  • Visit VA hospitals and nursing homes as well as veterans' homes to explain where to go and who to contact when applying for pension or benefit entitlement
  • Assist in filing annuity applications for surviving spouses of military and civil service retirees
  • Provide veterans with information about how to obtain a VA home loan
  • Have applications for obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility which is required to secure a VA Home Loan Guarantee

This Office Does Not:

  • Disburse funds
  • Determine eligibility or entitlement
  • Assist in distribution of benefit claims for estranged or separated spouses
  • Schedule appointments or have control over appointments at the VA Medical Center
  • Provide job placement

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a copy of my (or my family member's) DD#214 or other record of military service?
By filing, either electronically or by mail, an SF 180 request for military records. Follow this link to
Am I or a family member eligible for VA help with assisted living or nursing home care?
There is a program by which a veteran or surviving spouse may obtain monetary assistance to help pay the cost of assisted living or nursing home. The veteran must have served at least one day during a time of war and meet certain other eligibility requirements.
What benefits are available and how do I know if I qualify?
The laws governing Veterans Benefits are constantly changing. Contact our office for the most current information, or log on to
I am the widow/orphan of a veteran. Do I qualify for any benefits?
There are two benefits available to certain widows/orphans of veterans.
  1. Dependency and Indemnity Compensation for survivors of veterans who die from service related causes
  2. Wartime Veterans survivor pension for certain survivors who meet income and/or medical requirements.
My service connected disabilities have worsened. What should I do?
Veterans who are receiving compensation for service connected disabilities that have worsened should apply for an increase in compensation by contacting this office or applying online at
My disabilities are not service connected. Do I qualify for any help from veterans affairs?
Certain veterans who meet eligibility requirements may qualify for Wartime Veteran's pension, even if they did not serve in combat.
Am I eligible for medical benefits through a VA medical center? How do I apply?
Veterans seeking health care through a VA Medical Center are placed into one of eight priority groups, based on percentage of service connected disability and/or financial status. Contact the Eligibility Office at the Charleston VAMC at 577-5011 or 1-888-878-6884.
I am a disabled veteran. Do my children qualify for any educational assistance?
Children of veterans who are deemed 100% permanently and totally disabled by Veterans Affairs or received the Purple Heart may be eligible for assistance with college tuition.
What type of burial or memorial benefits am I eligible for?
All veterans who were discharged under other than dishonorable conditions are eligible for a grave marker or headstone provided by Veterans Affairs and burial in a National Cemetery. Assistance with the cost of funeral expenses may be available to families of certain veterans in receipt of compensation or pension through VA at the time of death.
Can I transfer my education benefits to a family member?
Recent changes in the law governing VA Benefits make it possible for eligible veterans to transfer education benefits to certain family members. Specific information can be obtained through or speaking to a VA Education Counselor at 1-888-442-4551.

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