Horry County Cemetery Project

Started in 2007, the Horry County Cemetery Project is Horry County’s attempt to inventory, map, and preserve every gravesite in every historic cemetery in the County, even those that may have been lost for decades. The project attempts to record all names, dates of birth and death, lineage, epitaphs, symbols, and condition from every gravesite in every historic cemetery in Horry County, as well as photograph each gravesite and digitally map the cemeteries using GIS tools. Unmarked graves are also found and permanently marked using ground penetrating radar. The project was undertaken to: (1) protect historic properties at the local level; (2) protect historic properties from encroachment and growth pressures; (3) create greater interest in historic preservation; and, (4) create the necessary framework for local level protection.

Click on “View the Map” below. You can search by Cemetery name or person’s name. You can zoom to certain areas, and turn on layers such as roads, aerial photos, addresses, etc. by using the toolbar on the far left of the screen.

If you have questions, or would like more information on the Horry County Cemetery Project, please contact Mary Catherine Hyman, Senior Planner with Horry County Planning & Zoning at 843-915-7891, or hymanm@horrycounty.org

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