Personal Property Filing (PR-26)

Resources for filing personal property returns online. 

Personal Property Returns Online

Horry County now offers citizens the ability to file personal property returns online. We've created several new tools to help citizens become familiar with this new process. 

1. General Instructions - Click here to view instructions for completing the personal Property return form (PR-26) and tips on redacting private information from sensitive document. 

2. Video Guide - Click here to view a video tutorial on completing the PR-26 form.

3. Personal Property Return (PR-26) - Online Form - Ready to file your return? Click here to access the PR-26 form and complete your return

4. Using the search feature below you can retrieve the legal description of a property by entering the Tax Account ID Number. This number can be found on the postcard you received form the Horry County Auditors Office.

Tax Account ID Search