Personal Property Tax Instructions

Horry County now offers the ability to pay personal property taxes (PR-26) online. The information below will assist with completing the online filing. If you have additional questions please contact the Horry County Auditor's Office (843) 915-5054.

General Information

1. If you owned this property on the December 31st date shown on the front/top of the return, you are required to complete and submit this Return. If the property was sold after December 31st prior, any tax notice issued in October will be billed to you as owner on the assessment date. Horry County does not pro-rate personal property taxes. It is your responsibility to insure that the full amount of tax is paid. Please remit amount due or forward the tax notice to the purchaser if the tax was pro-rated at closing. DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE OR RETURN THE TAX NOTICE TO NOTIFY US THAT THE PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD. Our records will be updated for the following tax year based upon the filing of the purchaser’s deed. If there are questions about how to handle payment, contact your closing attorney.

2. Section 12-37-210 of the South Carolina Code of Laws provides that all items of Business Personal Property (including furnishings in rental/leased properties) shall be assessed for property tax purposes.

3. Section 12-37-905 of the South Carolina Code of Laws required date for filing property tax returns. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this title, every person required by law to make a property tax return to the county auditor must file the return with the county auditor on or before April thirtieth for property owned as of the preceding December thirty-first. Any Return not submitted on or before April 30th will be considered late and will be subject to a 10% penalty. THERE IS NO STATUTORY AUTHORITY FOR GRANTING AN EXTENSION FOR FILING OF THIS RETURN. An estimated value may be filed from the best information available and then amended when sufficient data becomes available.

4. Section 12-54-44 (B) (1) of the South Carolina Code of Laws provides: “A person who willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat a tax or property assessment imposed by a title administered by the department or the payment of that tax or property assessment, in addition to other penalties provided by law, is guilty of a felony and upon conviction, must be fined not more than ten thousand dollars or imprisoned no more than five years, or both, together with the cost of prosecution.” An estimated assessment may be used in cases where insufficient values are filed or no Return is filed at all.

5. Section 12-37-800 of the South Carolina Code of Laws An additional 25% penalty for willfully attempting to evade a property tax. The responsibility for listing the property annually with the Auditor’s office lies solely upon the owner of the property.

6. You may need to consult with your accountant before completing Section 3 of this Return. The Return is subject to audit along with any supporting records kept by the property owner or his agent. Please save a copy of this Return for your records before submitting. Do not contact our office to inquire about numbers from a previously filed return.

Redacting Documents

We take your privacy very seriously and request that you redact private information that is not necessary for our purposes (such as SSN, FEI#, bank account or routing numbers, etc.). 

Redaction Tips

1. Redact the tax return documents using a heavy marker to totally conceal the private information.
2. If a line is blank, leave it blank.
3. If a line is populated with zero, leave the zero.
4. If a line is populated with N/A, leave the N/A.

If you have any questions about redacting, please contact our office: (843) 915-5054.