Nuisance Enforcement

Nuisance Enforcement

Businesses are requested to comply with all local and state laws and regulations regarding their specific business. Additionally, businesses are expected to provide a safe environment inside and outside for the customers and general public within close proximity. Businesses should take all necessary precautions to avoid complaints regarding criminal violence, disorderly conduct, illegal narcotic use, excessive noise, and illegal trash disposal by the business customers. If repeated complaints are received by Horry County Public Safety about a business, the County can, has, and will take the necessary legal procedures to stop, prevent, terminate, or abate the nuisance to the general public. 

If your businesses is being affected by a nuisance business, first notify the manager/owner of the business of the problem. If after notification, the nuisance persists, contact the Horry County Police Department Dispatch center at 843-248-1520, and request a uniformed patrol officer respond to file a complaint. Afterwards, if the nuisance continues to persist, continue to notify and file complaints. Once an adequate amount of complaints have been received and substantiated, a nuisance investigation will be initiated. 

Please review the regulations regarding Nuisances at the link below. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the Nuisance coordinator below.

Contact us for questions regarding Nuisances:
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Nuisance Enforcement

Noise Ordinance

Who should I contact if I have a complaint on a business?
  1. Contact the management or owner of business and provide the complaint so that it can be addressed by the business
  2. Document or note the name of the manager and the date and time of the conversation, and email is an excellent process for documentation.
  3. If the problem continues, notify your local law enforcement agency to document the incident and to determine if a criminal violation.
What are the types of complaints that could be considered nuisances?
Violence, Illegal narcotics activity, loud noise, trash issues, and prostitution are some, but not all, of the type of incidents that could cause a nuisance action.
What can I do to help resolve a nuisance issue?
Record the complaint with notes, pictures, or video that could be used in court as evidence. Notify law enforcement to document the incident.
After notifying law enforcement of a nuisance complaint, how long will it take for a solution to implemented?
Depending on circumstances of each specific complaint, it can range to a week to several months depending on several factors including documentation, evidence, and court.


Crime Tips

Please email the Criminal Investigations Division at or call 843-915-TIPS (8477)

Drug and Vice Tips

Please email Special Operations at or call 843-915-8346

Warrants Tips

To send us tips on individuals with outstanding warrants, please email Warrants at or call 843-915-5688

Non-emergency Line: 843-248-1520
Emergency Line: 9-1-1