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The Horry County Human Resources department's mission is to maximize the the welfare of Horry County Government employees with programs, interventions, and processes designed through collaborative efforts with all organizational levels.

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Employee salaries and benefits comprise the vast majority of the County's operating expenses. More importantly, the County is, in a very real sense, nothing more than its employees. Formerly called "Personnel," the County's Human Resources department's mission is to develop and administer programs designed to increase the county's effectiveness as an employer -- it's hiring processes, pay, benefits, human resource policies and others -- the whole spectrum of creating and managing the employer-employee relationship. The label of "human resources," now the norm in the profession, designates a broader involvement and strategic role in the organization than "personnel," which most people associated with just hiring.

The Hiring Process:
Everything from decisions about what qualifications are required to work here to the array of forms, interviews, tests, reference checks and other tools used to decide who gets hired and who does not. The County receives about 4,000 applications per year and hires about 100-175 people.
Job titles, descriptions, pay ranges, qualifications, job performance standards and expectations and so forth. HR helps decide which classifications are needed, develops the description of the classification and ensures that individual positions are assigned to the correct classification.
How much should the County pay people to be competitive with the market for those people and be internally equitable in relation to other jobs of comparable difficulty? HR uses a blend of market surveys and job analysis techniques to develop the County's salary schedules and systems.
HR develops and manages the County's fringe benefit programs -- health insurance, dental insurance, vacation, sick leave, holidays, disability insurance and many more.
Employee Relations:
The County's Employee Relations Manager can assist/direct employees who feel that he/she has a grievance.
Legal Compliance:
HR staff are expected to be experts in a wide range of employment and labor laws: -- wage and hour laws, collective bargaining, equal opportunity, affirmative action, discrimination, sexual harassment, disabilities, medical claims, workers compensation, benefits and many, many more. They work with managers and employees to ensure the County's decisions and actions are within established legal boundaries and represent the County in administrative claims and appeals.
Performance Management:
HR develops policies and systems such as performance appraisal centered around the objective of skillfully evaluating and managing employee performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out about County job openings?
All job openings are posted on our website under 'Employment Opportunities'
Where do I find out about in-house job openings?
The following County Facilities are the designated posting sites for in-house job openings.
  • M.L. Brown Jr. Public Safety Building
  • Burroughs School Building
  • Horry County Courthouse
  • Ralph Ellis Building
  • Olin Blanton, Jr. Building
  • Public Works Building
Is there a list of job descriptions and qualifications for county positions?
Yes. Job descriptions and salary information for each county position are maintained in the Human Resources office.
How can I apply for a County job?
Candidates have the opportunity to apply here on our website (online applications only).
Once an application is submitted, what is the review process?
After the "Filing Deadline" the review process generally lasts between two to four weeks. Applications are reviewed by the Human Resources Department and forwarded for further review to the department head. Those candidates whose qualifications most closely match the departments needs may be asked to continue on in the process.
How do I get to Horry County Human Resources?
The Human Resources Department is located on the 2nd floor of the new Government & Justice Center. The physical location is 1301 Second Ave in downtown Conway.
Do I need to fill out a separate application for each position I apply for?
Yes - each job requires you to apply for it.
I previously applied for a position and am now interested in another position. Will I be able to access my application?
Your resume is stored securely on our website. When you apply for a job, your resume is copied as-is and sent to that job for review. You can only apply one time for each job, so please review your resume is up to date before applying for the job.
Are resumes accepted in lieu of an application?
No, you must apply online but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a copy of your resume if you are called in for an interview.

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