Dental Discount CardDental Discount Card

The Horry County dental discount card is designed to help uninsured and under-insured county residents save money on their dental service expenses.  Cardholders can expect to save an average of 20 to 50 percent on their dental care services.

About the Card

Horry County Dental Discount Card

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Conway, South Carolina - Horry County announced that a new dental discount card program is now available for county residents. The program is administered by Careington International Corporation in partnership with the National Association of Counties (NACo).

The NACo Dental Discount Card Program, a NACo member benefit program, was designed to help uninsured and underinsured county residents save money on their dental service expenses.

Through a partnership with Careington International Corporation, this simple discount card can help residents save an average of 20 to 50 percent on their dental care services, and 20 percent on orthodontic services. This affordable plan starts at $6.95 per month and $59 per year for individuals.

"The card is easy to use and will save people money," said Lisa Bourcier, Public Information Officer. "Cardholders simply schedule an appointment with a participating dentist or specialist and present their card to receive a discount at the time of service. There are no forms to complete and everyone in the household is eligible to receive a discount." With this discount card, residents of NACo-member counties will experience significant savings on dental cleanings, x-rays, braces, dentures, crowns, root canals and more.

"Especially during these tough times, NACo is pleased to provide this discount dental program to our member counties," said NACo President Valerie Brown, supervisor, Sonoma County, Calif. "This program is the latest of many valuable benefits that our association provides to our member counties." The NACo Dental Discount Card Program is designed to complement health insurance plans or work in conjunction with health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement arrangements. It is also a cost-effective way for younger retirees to meet their dental needs.

Cards are available at all Horry County Memorial Library locations, the Horry County Veterans Office, the Horry County Public Information Booth in the Horry County Government & Justice Center, and all Treasurer Offices. Cards are also available at all five local health departments throughout Horry County. More information about the NACo Dental Discount Card Program is available at:

The National Association of Counties (NACo) is the only national organization that represents county governments in the United States. Founded in 1935, NACo provides essential services to the nation’s 3,068 counties. NACo advances issues with a unified voice before the federal government, improves the public's understanding of county government, assists counties in finding and sharing innovative solutions through education and research, and provides value-added services to save counties and taxpayers money. For more information about NACo, visit

Since 1979, Careington International Corporation has provided affordable solutions to more than eight million members. Dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals, Careington's solutions are designed to complement traditional health insurance and provide substantial savings for under-insured or uninsured individuals.

Card Pick-Up Locations

All Horry County Memorial Libraries
  • Conway Library
    801 Main Street, Conway
  • Aynor Library
    500 9th Avenue, Aynor
  • Bucksport Library
    7657 Highway 701, Conway
  • Green Sea/Floyds Library
    5331 Highway 9, Green Sea
  • Loris Library
    4316 Main Street, Loris
  • North Myrtle Beach Library
    799 2nd Avenue, North Myrtle Beach
  • Socastee Library
    141 Highway 707 Connector Road, Myrtle Beach
  • Stephens Crossroads Library
    107 Highway 57 North, Little River
  • Surfside Beach Library
    410 Surfside Beach Drive, Surfside Beach
All SCDHEC Health Departments in Horry County
  • Little River Location
    Ralph Ellis Building
    107 Highway 57 North, Little River
  • South Strand Location
    South Strand Governmental Complex
    9630 Scipio Lane, Myrtle Beach
  • Myrtle Beach Location
    800 21st Avenue North, Myrtle Beach
  • Loris Location
    3811 Walnut Street, Loris
  • Conway Location
    1931 Industrial Park Road, Conway
Horry County Veteran's Office
  • Conway Office
    2830 Oak Street (Extension), Conway
Horry County Treasurer's Offices
  • Myrtle Beach Location
    Olin Blanton Building
    1201 21st Avenue, Myrtle Beach
  • Little River Location
    Ralph Ellis Building
    107 Highway 57 North, Little River
  • South Strand Location
    South Strand Governmental Complex
    9630 Scipio Lane, Myrtle Beach
  • Conway Location
    Horry County
    Government & Justice Center
    1301 2nd Avenue, Conway
Horry County Government and Justice Center
  • Human Resources Office
    2nd Floor
    1301 2nd Avenue, Conway
  • Public Information Booth
    Atrium, 1st Floor
    1301 2nd Avenue, Conway

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an insurance plan?
No, this is not an insurance plan. The NACo Dental Discount Program provides discounted prices on a wide range of services; you will pay for services at the discounted price at the time services are received.
Can I include dependents in my program?
Yes, one of the wonderful features of these programs is that your entire household can receive the savings, even children living at college!
Can I use my membership when I travel away from home?
Yes, your membership can be used at any participating provider in the United States.
How do I get additional membership cards?
If you need additional cards for your household or have lost your card, please call Careington's Member Services at (800) 290-0523 and press option 1, then press option 1 again. They will be happy to send additional cards to you.
If my doctor or dentist refers me to a specialist who is not in the network, do I still get a discount?
You will only receive a discount by going to a participating provider. You might try printing out a list of participating providers to share with your doctor or dentist to see if he/she could recommend any of the participating specialist locations.
What do I do if I feel the provider overcharged me?
You can send a copy of your bill and a written letter to the administrator of the plan, Careington International Corporation, Attn: Provider Relations, P.O. Box 2568, Frisco, TX 75034. They will investigate your inquiry, and you will be contacted regarding the findings.
Once I select a provider, am I assigned to that provider? How often can I change providers?
Another great feature of the discount plans is your ability to select any provider from the network. You can change providers at any time, and household members can select their own providers. Call Careington's Member Services at (800) 290-0523 for help finding participating providers or conduct a provider search at
What should I say when I call a provider to make sure they participate?
The providers will recognize the name of the network with which they participate, so when you call, it is important to use the name of the correct network.