The IT/GIS department is responsible for hardware, software, infrastructure and telecommunication requirements for the users working for Horry County Government. We are committed to delivering the best technology tools to county staff to enable them to accomplish their daily assignments and provide superior customer service. We are now using drone technology in a number of areas to increase efficiency and improve data quality.
Drone Projects


Manage County Computer Systems
Responsible for keeping the County computer system and all peripherals performing and functioning efficiently at all times. Responsible for training all computer users. Perform daily backups of all major computer systems within the County.
Manage Comprehensive Countywide Geographic Information System
Responsible for promoting, managing and coordinating the development of a comprehensive countywide geographic information system (GIS) in order to support the analytical, statistical, and mapping needs of Horry County.
Develop GIS Applications
Responsible for developing, documenting and implementing GIS applications and for training GIS users countywide.
Ensure Technology Standards
To assure that the GIS technology is implemented in the most efficient, and cost effective way. Responsible for implementing GIS technology that will improve the efficiency of County operations.
Utilize Drone Technology
Horry County IT/GIS is now using drone technology in a number of areas to increase efficiency and improve data quality. To view a list of drone projects click here.

Common Terms

A computerized file or series of files of information, maps, diagrams, listings, location records, abstracts, or references on a particular subject or subjects organized by data sets and governed by a scheme of organization.
Database management system (DBMS)
The software for managing and manipulating the whole GIS including the graphic and tabular data.
Relational database management system (RDBMS)
A database management system with the ability to access data organized in tabular files that may be related together by common field (item).
Digital terrain model (DTM)
A computer graphics software technique for converting point elevation data into a terrain model displayed as a contour map, and sometimes as a three-dimensional "hill and valley" grid view of the ground surface.
The pattern in which data are systematically arranged for use on a computer.
Geographic data
The composite locations and descriptions of geographic entities.
Geographic database
Efficiently stored and organized spatial data and possibly related descriptive data.
A logical set of thematic data, usually organized by subject matter.
Planimetric map
A large scale map with all features projected perpendicularly onto a horizontal datum plane so that horizontal distances can be measured on the map with accuracy.
A single x, y coordinate that represents a geographic feature too small to be displayed as a line or area.
A vector representation of an enclosed region, described by a sequential list of vertices or mathematical functions.


What is GIS?
An organized collection of computer hardware, software, geographic data, and personnel designed to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display all forms of geographically referenced information.
What are the benefits of GIS?
To provide improved ability to analyze information and make better informed decisions; streamline government functions; improve operational efficiency; reduce or eliminate redundancy; improve map maintenance and production efficiency and provide improved access to maps and data.
What County functions are supported by GIS?
Emergency planning and operations; land use planning; facilities management; environmental analysis; transportation planning and management; government administration and Citizen access of GIS data through the use of the Internet.

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