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The Planning and Zoning Department administers the County's Land Development Regulations and Zoning Ordinance.

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The Planning and Zoning Department administers the County’s Land Development Regulations and Zoning Ordinance.  The Department consists of three divisions: 1) Current Planning, 2) Land Development, and 3) Long Range Planning.  Additionally, the Department works with various boards and commissions including the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

This website is designed to provide the user with information regarding the administration and enforcement of all planning, zoning and land development in the County. A substantial amount of information is contained by following the links throughout the website. For further assistance, please contact the Department at 843 915-5340.The County Administrator is assisted in this task by three Assistant Administrators, who oversee a staff of nearly 1700 department heads, supervisors and other county employees.


Land Development
Zoning and Rezoning Request
Zoning Board of Appeals Application

Overlay Zones

Overlay zones are applied only in conjunction with other zoning districts, and may impose a set of additional requirements or relax a set of requirements imposed by the underlying zoning district. Overlay zones are applicable when there is a specific public interest in a geographical area that does not coincide with the primary district boundaries.

The following are currently adopted Overlay Zones in Horry County;

  • Socastee Boulevard Overlay Zone
  • Veteran's Highway Overlay Zone
  • Highway 501 Overlay Zone
  • Temporary Vending Overlay Zone
  • Highway 544 Overlay Zone
  • Highway 707 Overlay Zone
  • Holmestown Road Overlay Zone
  • Little River Height Overlay Zone
  • Little River Overlay Zone
  • Restaurant Row Overlay Zone 

Major Projects

Beach Management Plan
Beach Management Plan
Board of Architectural Review
The Board of Architectural Review's responsibility is to preserve the history and heritage of Horry County through its built environment. The BAR maintains the Horry County Historic Property Register, the County's most valued historic resources.

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Envision 2025
The Horry County "Envision 2025" Comprehensive Plan is a tool to help guide toward overall community betterment. The Comprehensive Plan consists of nine separate, though inter-twined, elements. Each element relies upon the research and content of the other elements to reach attainable and dynamic goals and strategies. The Plan contains the following:
  • Population Element
  • Cultural Element
  • Natural Resources Element
  • Economic Element
  • Community Facilities Element
  • Housing Element
  • Land Use Element
  • Transportation Element
  • Priority Investment Element
Historical Cemetery Map Search
There are nearly 500 historic cemeteries in Horry County, that's approximately one cemetery for every 2.51 square miles. These sacred sites are our most direct link to our history and our heritage. The homes we live in today, the stores that we shop in, the very beaches we visit during the summer season, all were constructed and developed because of those ancestors who are now buried in these graveyards.

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Horry County Bike and Pedestrian Plan
Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
Horry County Historic Preservation Plan
Historic Preservation Plan
Keep Horry County Beautiful
The Keep Horry County Beautiful Committee is a new Keep America Beautiful, Inc. affiliate which strives to inspire residents and visitors to value and protect the natural beauty of Horry County and to empower them to keep the open spaces, rivers, and beaches clean and litter free.

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Parks and Open Space Board
The Parks and Open Space Board was established to serve and assist the citizens of Horry County and their government with the protection of Natural Open Spaces while ensuring the provision of passive and active recreation sites.

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Parks & Open Space Plan
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Miscellaneous Projects

Community Student Housing Committee
The Horry County Community and Student Housing Committee was a subcommittee of the County Planning Commission. The Committee was formed in August, 2008 as a collaborative effort between Horry County, Coastal Carolina University, Horry Georgetown Technical College and the citizens of the County. Tasked with finding a solution to the negative effects of student encroachment into residential neighborhoods, the Committee held meetings, conducted interviews, solicited feedback, identified the issues, discussed alternatives and recommended a set of actionable items to County Council, the colleges and the residents of the community.
Economic Development Stragegic Plan
In January 2008, the Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development and the BB&T Center for Economic and Community Development at Coastal Carolina University (CCU) teamed together to facilitate the creation of a strategic plan for economic development in Horry County. The purpose of this endeavor was to identify and prioritize issues surrounding economic development and to build consensus around a set of actions that may be taken in the pursuit of a collective economic vision. Building consensus through such a plan ensures that the collaborative resources of numerous public service entities and their private partners are efficiently leveraged to overcome the barriers and challenges to continued economic prosperity.

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North Myrtle Beach Transportation Plan
The North Myrtle Beach Thoroughfare Plan was a joint project between Horry County and the City of North Myrtle Beach. The study area extended from U.S. Highway 17 in the City of North Myrtle Beach, SC, to S.C. Highways 57 and 90; from S.C. Route 22 to Route 9 in the unincorporated areas of Horry County, as well as incorporated portions of the City of North Myrtle Beach including Little River Neck Road.

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