IMAGINE 2040 is the future Comprehensive Plan for Horry County. It is a guide for decision making until the year 2040.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a local government's guide for decision making. It is created by studying the existing conditions of the community, debating preferred future alternatives and priorities, and identifying practical implementation strategies to help the County reach its preferred future goals. There are nine required "elements" that every Comprehensive Plan must address - population, housing, economic, community facilities, natural resources, cultural resources, land use, transportation, and priority investments. Thus, the Comprehensive Plan touches land development decisions, capital projects, and many other governmental decisions that might impact the future health of the County. In South Carolina, communities are required to prepare new Comprehensive Plans every 10 years.



IMAGINE 2040: Horry County's New Comprehensive Plan

Throughout 2018 there will be multiple opportunities for Horry County residents and businesses to participate and share feedback and ideas about the future of the County. This space will be our main avenue to communicate IMAGINE 2040 updates and status on a regular basis.

The Comprehensive Planning Process

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What's Going on Now?

The following is the timeline for the development and adoption of IMAGINE 2040. Meeting dates can be found on the Horry County Meeting Calendar


How Can You Participate?

The best way to participate is to educate yourself about the issues, attend meetings and to share your thoughts.. 

Drafts of the Plan Elements, also known as chapters, can be found below. You may also provide your input by emailing staff at reaching out directly to the IMAGINE 2040 Committee members. For more information about the Horry County Planning and Zoning Department and IMAGINE 2040, sign up for email updates and let us send the information to you. Sign up for email updates

Previous Comprehensive Plan

Imagine 2040 well contact info


Contact Information:

Leigh Kane
Community Development Planner
Horry County Planning & Zoning
(843) 915-7917

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