Keep Horry County Beautiful

“To inspire residents and visitors to value and protect the natural beauty of Horry County and to empower them to keep the open spaces, rivers, and beaches clean and litter free.”

Community Clean Up Program

The Community Cleanup Program is designed to assist civic, community and/or other volunteer groups that would like to help “Keep Horry County Beautiful”! With Horry County being one of the biggest counties east of the Mississippi River, the KHCB Committee needs help in keeping our county’s streets, parks, open spaces, rivers, schools, and other community amenities clean and litter-free. 

If you share the same interest and would like to organize litter cleanups in your community, we would be very happy to help you help us! The Keep Horry County Beautiful Committee (KHCB) will provide any community groups enrolled in this program with trash bags, gloves, grabbers, and safety vests. We will also coordinate with you necessary Safety/Police backup, Cautionary Event Signage, and Pickup of the bags after the cleanup event. Last but not least the KHCB will provide Safety Training to familiarize you with the Do’s and Do Not’s of a Community Cleanup. Groups that enroll to conduct regular cleanup events at their chosen sites will also qualify to have a sign erected in acknowledgement of their regular efforts (see Two-Year Commitment Agreement form).

How do you become a Community Cleanup Organization?

1. Recruit help locally
Form a community cleanup group made up of concerned neighbors, friends…
2. Recruit volunteers
Take fliers to your neighborhood association/church/whatever meeting or hand deliver them to each house on your street (be sure not to post fliers on cars or poles). Form a community cleanup committee with at least one designated group leader!
3. Choose your site(s) to be cleaned
Is there a particular part of your community that needs more attention than others? Only choose safe locations for your community cleanup events!
4. Set a cleanup date and time
Schedule your preferred cleanup date and time. Make sure most of your helpers & volunteers are available. Make sure your event takes place outside of busy travel hours and days. Best times for cleanup events are Saturday mornings between 8AM and 12PM.
5. Contact Keep Horry County Beautiful
Call the Staff Liaison Christopher Klement at (843) 915-7899 or email at to enroll in Community Cleanup Program. (Necessary program forms, safety guidelines training and supplies will be provided.)
6. Get familiarized with Cleanup Safety Guidelines
Each participant will have to sign to sign the Assumption of Risk and Waiver Agreement before starting any cleanup event.
7. Schedule safety training
Contact KHCB to schedule safety training that will be provided prior to all community cleanup events (Please schedule at least 7 days before event.).
8. Get cleanup supplies
Request your necessary supplies (trash bags, gloves, grabbers, safety vests) that will be provided/loaned to your event at no cost (must fill out Equipment and Supplies Loan Agreement).
9. Conduct community cleanup
At the day of the cleanup event make sure all participants sign Risk Assumption and Waiver Agreement and are familiar with Cleanup Safety Guidelines.
10. Submit Wrap-Up Report
Together with returning loaned supplies, group leader will need to submit to KHCB a Wrap-Up Report indicating how much litter was picked-up at the cleanup. KHCB will have bags picked-up if necessary.

Community Cleanup Forms

Current Projects

Volunteer Opportunities

Keep Horry County Beautiful is looking for volunteers for future litter clean-ups. If interested, please contact:

Nancy Tindall, Planning & Zoning Department at

(843) 915-5340 or