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The Department of Public Works maintains the county roadways, bridges, beaches, and roadside litter crews, as well as constructing an average of 5 miles of paved road each year.


To report a drainage or water quality problem, please call the hotline: 843-381-8000.


The Department of Public Works maintains all roadway networks and bridges owned by the county, as well as constructing an average of 5 miles of paved road each year. Currently, this includes 1,484 miles of roadways and 72 bridges and box culverts. There are 964 miles of paved roads ranging from arterial roads such as Carolina Forest Boulevard which carries over 24,000 trips per day to local access roads in neighborhoods and rural areas. There are also 520 of miles of unpaved roads which include roads that are improved with various materials such as: marine limestone surfaces, milled asphalt, and natural earth surfaces.

From 1999 to 2019 Horry County has accepted ownership and maintenance, typically through land development, of approximately 17.5 miles, on average, of new roads each year. Also, unpaved roads are being improved and paved through the local road plan, CTC, and the local option sales tax road plan known as RIDE I, II, & III. Upon the completion of RIDE III, these plans will have contributed to paving 350 miles of existing unpaved roads between 1998 and 2025, for a total of 708 roads.

The Department of Public Works also maintains 12.8 miles of beach in the unincorporated areas of Horry County as well as 22 public beach accesses. The beach crews clean accesses and rake the sand at night during the peak season. They are also responsible for free beach wheelchair rentals for the public

Roadside Litter is also a function of Public Works. They are funded through the Accommodations Tax and are responsible for picking up litter on many state and county roadways within Horry County. Last year they picked up ~12,719 bags of litter with 2,176 bags being recyclables.


How do I get driveway tile?
The Horry County Engineering Department reviews such requests individually and, upon approval, issues an encroachment permit for the placement of items within the County's right-of-way. Encroachment permits are issued at no charge by the Engineering Department. If you have trouble displaying the form online, they will be happy to mail a copy or you can stop by the Engineering Department to pick one up.
Where do I pay my water bill?
Public Works maintains County roads. We are not responsible for water, sewer, or trash removal in the County.
When will my road be worked?
All County roads are maintained on a regular schedule, approximately every two (2) weeks or as needed to minimize dust.

Common Terms

Terms used to describe work performed by motorgraders on unpaved roads.
Limestone used as a base to stabilize roads.
Outfall Ditch
Ditch that allows water to drain away from roads.
Right of Way/Easement
Legal document granting County access for road maintenance purposes.
Major storm water drainage for Horry County.

Major Projects

Construction Crews
Bridge Replacements – Fowler School Rd., Cascade Rd, Hemlock Rd., Walter Rd.
Drainage Improvements
Coney Dr,- Anticipated Start Winter/Spring 2022
Spring Garden Rd. in coordination with SC DOT – Anticipated Start Spring 2022
Salem Rd. (off Hwy 707) Drainage and Safety Improvements - In Progress
Dogwood Rd. (off Forestbrook Rd) in coordination with Stormwater Department In Progress
Castlewood Rd - In Progress
Road Paving Projects
Willard Rd. - 0.2 miles - Completed
Audi Rd. – 1.24 miles - Completed
Diff Ave. – 0.1 miles - Completed

Interesting Facts

  • Presently have staff of 108 employees.
  • Maintain 520 miles of unpaved roads and 964 miles of paved roads.
  • Average paving - 5 miles of roads per year.
  • Improve approximately 25 miles of roads with Limestone Base Course.
  • Accepted dedication of 48 miles of new roads primarily in new developments between FY15 - FY19.

Department Well

Department Head
Randy Plummer
Phone: (843) 915-5410
Fax: (843) 365-0671
Mailing Address
4401 Privetts Road
Conway, SC 29526
Physical Address
4401 Privetts Road
Conway, SC 29526
Office Hours
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday through Friday


To report a drainage or water quality problem, please call the hotline: 843-381-8000.

Riding on a Penny

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