Sheriff's OfficeSheriff's Office

The Horry County Sheriff's Office is responsible for numerous tasks including judicial security, processing warrants, fingerprinting services, registration of sex offenders, funeral escorts, providing background checks and operating the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Magistrate's Court

Normal office hours for the Magistrate’s Office at the Detention Center are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.  Bond hearings and guilty pleas occur at 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., most days.  Contact the Magistrate’s Office for court times on holidays.  The scheduled times may vary according to the availability of the Magistrate on duty.  Contact the Magistrate’s Office at (843) 915-5145 to confirm that a Magistrate is available prior to coming.

General Information:

  • Cash and/or surety bonds are posted in the Magistrate’s Office.  They accept cash, money orders, and major credit cards, but they cannot accept personal checks.  Please note:  Persons paying a bond with cash must have an exact amount of cash.  The Magistrate's Office does not give change for cash.  Credit card payments have a 1.8% courtesy fee added and a South Carolina portal fee added in the amount of $1.00.
  • The Public Defender’s Office interviews inmates at the Detention Center to determine whether they qualify for a Public Defender.  Their office number is (843) 915-5385.
  • Magistrate court judges can only take guilty pleas for crimes that do not exceed a 30-day sentence.
  • Magistrate court judges cannot set bonds on individuals charged with murder, accessory before the fact of murder, and criminal sexual conduct with a minor.  The Solicitor's Office schedules those hearings and the bond is set by a Circuit Court Judge in General Sessions Court. 
  • Victim Services must schedule all bond hearings, guilty pleas, and other proceedings for defendants at the Detention Center when there is a victim of a crime involved in the case.  South Carolina law requires that all victims must be notified of all scheduled hearings for a defendant and be given the opportunity to attend those hearings.

Cash and Dash

Cash and Dash are bondable pay offenses that do not require the offender to go before a magistrate and have a bond set.  The bondable amount paid is actually the fine amount, but the offender still must appear in court on the court date that is on the ticket for a disposition of the case.  Therefore, when a person pays bond/fine and gets out of jail for a cash and dash offense, they must go to court on their court date.   Note: The bond amounts listed below are subject to change without prior notice.

Bondable Pay Offenses for J. Reuben Long Detention Center

Offense SC State Statue Fine/Bond Offense SC State Statue Fine/Bond
ABC Violation 61-6-1160  $257.50  Improper Turn 56-5-2120  $232.50 
Altered Driver's License 56-1-515  $232.50  Leaving the Scene Prop Dam 56-5-1240  $232.50 
Altered Vehicle License 56-3-1370  $232.50  Lights Altered/Performance 56-5-4590  $232.50
Breach of Peace 22-5-150  $257.50  Littering 1st offense less than 15 lbs 16-11-700  $465.00 
Child Restraint 56-5-6520  $150.00  Littering 1st offense more than 15 lbs 16-11-700  $1,087.50 
Crossing Median 56-5-1920  $155.00  Minor in Poss of Alcohol 63-19-2450  $262.50 
Defective Brakes/Tires 56-5-4850  $150.00  Minor in Poss of Beer 63-19-2440  $262.50 
Disobedience to Police Officer 56-5-740  $232.50  No Valid Drivers License 1st Offense 56-1-20  $232.50 
Disorderly Conduct 16-17-530  $257.50  No Valid Drivers License 2nd Offense 56-1-20  $1,062.50 
Disregarding Traffic Signal 56-5-950  $252.50  No Drivers License in Possession 56-1-190  $ 155.00 
Disregarding Stop Sign 56-5-950  $252.50  No Headlights 56-5-4450  $155.00 
Driving Left of Center 56-5-1880  $150.00  No Motorcycle Endorsement 56-1-130  $237.50 
DUS 1st Offense 56-1-460  $647.50  No Registration in Possession 56-3-1250  $232.50 
DUS 2nd Offense 56-1-460(2)  $1,270.00  No Proof of Ownership 56-3-1270  $155.00 
DUS 3rd Offense 56-1-460(3)  $2,100.00  No Proof of Insurance 56-10-225  $155.00 
Expired Driver's License 56-1-210  $50.00  No Tag Light 56-5-4530  $155.00 
Expired Tag  $150.00  No Vehicle License 56-3-1240  $155.00 
Fail to Change Address on DL 56-1-230  $100.00  Noise Ordinance HC 13-31/32  $50.00 
Failure to Dim Lights 56-5-4780  $232.50  Open Container HC 13-1  $257.50 
Failure to Change Ownership 56-3-1270  $100.00  Uninsured Vehicle 1st Offense 56-10-270  $355.00 
Failure to Surrender DL 56-1-350  $237.50  Uninsured Vehicle 2nd Offense 56-10-270  $440.00 
Failure to Surrender Tag 56-9-340  $245.00  Passing Stopped School Bus 56-5-2770  $1,062.50 
Failure to Surrender Tag 2nd 56-9-340  $440.00  Possession of more than one DL 56-1-20  $150.00 
Failure to Yield Right of Way 56-5-2320  $232.50  Possession/Use of Blue Lights 56-5-170  $155.00 
False Info to Police 16-17-725  $465.00  Projecting Load 56-5-4630  $155.00 
Following to Closely 56-5-1930  $232.50  Public Intoxication 16-17-530  $180.00 
Fraudulent Application for DL 56-1-510  $237.50  Reckless Driving 56-5-2920  $440.00 
Handicap Parking Violation 56-3-1970  $750.00  Shoplifting 1st off less than $1,000 16-13-110  $2,125.00 
Headlights Required w/Wipers 56-5-4450  $70.00  School Bus Passing Another 59-67-210  $155.00 
Helmet Violation 56-5-3660  $155.00  Seat Belt Violation 56-5-6520  $25.00 
Illegal Sunscreen 56-5-5015  $200.00  Simple Poss Marijuana 44-53-370  $615.00 
Imporper Display of Tag 56-3-1240  $150.00  Speeding 10 MPH or Less 56-5-1520(d)(1)  $76.50 
Improper Lane Change 56-5-1900  $155.00  Speeding 11-15 MPH 56-5-1520(d)(2)  $128.75
Improper Headlights/Taillights 56-5-4590  $155.00  Speeding 16-24 MPH 56-5-1520(d)(3)  $180.50 
Improper Passing 56-5-1840  $232.50  Speeding 25 MPH or More 56-5-1520(d)(4)  $355.00 
Improper/Failure Signal 56-5-2150  $155.00  Spilling Loads 56-5-4100  $232.50 
Improper Start of Vehicle 56-5-2110  $155.00  Too Fast for Conditions 56-5-1520A  $155.00 
Improper Stopping, Standing 56-5-2530  $150.00  Unsafe/Faulty Equipment/Vehicle 56-5-5310  $155.00 
Improper Backing or Parking 56-5-3810/6190  $232.50  Violation of DL Restrictions 56-1-170  $155.00