Sheriff's OfficeSheriff's Office

The Horry County Sheriff's Office is responsible for numerous tasks including judicial security, processing warrants, fingerprinting services, registration of sex offenders, funeral escorts, providing background checks and operating the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Judicial Security

The goal of the Horry County Sheriff’s Office is to provide courteous service and expedient entry to all visitors of our buildings. We appreciate your cooperation in this effort. Everyone entering the Courthouse must pass through a screening system that utilizes a metal detector and an x-ray machine. Monitoring during business and non-business hours is done by officers both assigned and roving throughout the building and supplemented by cameras, VCRs, duress alarms and electronic doors.

Lieutenant B. James
Lt. James is a lifelong resident of Horry County. James has served in law enforcement since 2000. His career began at the Coastal Carolina University Department of Public Safety. In 2005, Lt. James started serving at the Sheriff's Office. 

Sergeant R. Hemingway
Sgt. Hemingway is a native of Horry County. His career in law enforcement began 1998 at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center. In 2006, Hemingway earned his promotion as Corporal of Courthouse Security at the Sheriff's Office.

Contact Number: (843) 915-5450

The Horry County Sheriff's Office provides security for the Horry County Courthouse (old courthouse) and the Horry County Government and Judicial Center (new court house.) If you visit our courthouses, here are a few suggestions to help ensure your visit is more pleasant.

  • Dress appropriately when you are appearing in court for any reason.
  • Remember that everyone will be subject to a search of their person as well as any personal property.

Therefore, DO NOT bring WEAPONS inside the Courthouse or the Government and Judicial Center. If you bring a weapon into the Government and Judicial Center, it will be taken for safekeeping until your visit is complete. If you are attending a County Council Meeting in the Courthouse, weapons are not allowed. All persons are subject to a security check through the Magna Meter and personal belongings through the X-Ray machine (NO EXCEPTIONS). If you have a pacemaker, you will be checked by a handheld device.

Corporal Duties:
Court House Tours, Juror Pickup Coordination/Groups, New Employee Training, Trial Observations and Contact Person for Trial Observations

Sergeant Duties:
Court Scheduling/Parking Assignments, Employee Evaluations, Citizen Concerns/Complaints and Mock Trial Scheduling.

Lieutenant Duties:
Court House Grounds Special Events-Contact Person, Media Relations/Coordination, Coordinator of Operations of the Horry County Sheriff's Office Outside of Court House, Coordinator of Additional Requests for Deputies Outside of the Court House Functions and Contact Person for Court House Related Speaking Engagements.