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Horry County News and Announcements


Horry County Government Weekly Update for February 29-March 4, 2016

Click HERE for Horry County Government's meetings, agendas, events, releases and road construction for the week of February 29-March 1, 2016.

Employee of the Year Announced


Conway, South Carolina – Horry County has announced the winner and two honorable mentions for the Randy Faulk Employee of the Year Award, which is in memory of Mr. Randy Faulk who received the very first Employee of the Year award in 2006. Mr. Faulk was sadly taken from our world less than three years later after a brave battle with cancer. Mr. Faulk worked in the Horry County Maintenance Department and was truly a role model for all county employees, demonstrating that every employee can make a difference.

Horry County awarded three employees at J. Reuben Long Detention Center with the Randy Faulk Employee of the Year Award and they were Lt. Scott Bower, Corrections Officers Donnell Hargrove and James “Jake” Thompkins. During the floods in October, the officers witnessed a woman caught in the fast-flowing waters and was sucked beneath the roadway through a drainage pipe. She was underwater for approximately two to three minutes. The officers stopped to help rescue the woman and found her floating face down and showing no signs of life. They immediately performed CPR and transported her to a waiting ambulance. The woman was released from the hospital the next day and made a full recovery. As Employees of the Year, each officer received a plaque and a check for $1,000.

Two honorable mentions were also honored for their contributions and were previously Employee of the Quarter winners. They were Kenneth Urban, a Security Control Technician with the Department of Airports and members of the Horry County Technology Team to include Lt. John Harrelson and Officers Catina Hipp and Olaf Jonasson. They each received a check for $500.

The Employee Award Program focuses on an act or performance accomplished by an employee that is significant or of great value to the department or county organization as a whole and is beyond normal expectations of the employee. Considerations are also given to customer service, cost/time savings, recognized increased efficiency, and/or effectiveness, or revenue generated funds.



Horry County Legacy Business Recognition

Conway, South Carolina – The Horry County Board of Architectural Review’s Legacy Business Recognition Program will recognize Norman’s Cleaners and Ocean Fish Market with ribbon cutting ceremonies on March 11, 2016, at 10 a.m. (Norman’s Cleaners) and at 11 a.m. ( Ocean Fish Market).  The ceremonies are free and open to the public.

In 1962, Norman Moore opened Norman’s Cleaners at its original location on Third Avenue in Conway, making it 54 years old!  The business moved to Law Street, and then in 1972 settled at the current location on Fourth Avenue.  The current location was originally a car service station built in the 1940’s that Norman renovated.  Prior to the car service station, a theater had been on the property.  When Norman passed away, his son Tommy Moore became owner of the business.  Tommy and his son Bradley now run the business together.  Norman’s Cleaners not only has third generation owners, but they also have third generation employees.     

The 75-year-old Conway landmark known as Ocean Fish Market was founded by George Martin in the early 1940’s.  Marie Shelley Graham began working for Mr. Martin when she was 18 and ended up co-owning the business for 50 years.  Her daughter, Janice Graham Jordan also worked at the Ocean Fish Market.  Janice’s husband, F.W. Graham, co-owned the business with Marie until it was sold to the current owners, the Hardees, in 1998.  Diane and Ray Hardee, and their daughter Jennie, now own and run the business.  Ocean Fish Market remained in the family, though, as Diane Hardee is the niece of Marie Shelley Graham, which makes Jennie a fourth generation owner!  The market was originally located across the street from its current location but moved just a few years after opening.  The current building was originally a blacksmith shop in the early 1900s, the metal rings on the brick wall outside, where people tied up their horses, can still be seen today.       

The Horry County Legacy Business Recognition Program pays tribute to local businesses that have contributed to the economic heritage of Horry County for more than 50-continuous years.

Norman’s Cleaners is located at 1000 4th Avenue, and Ocean Fish Market is located at 302 Kingston Street (both in Conway).  

For more information, contact Mary Catherine Hyman, Senior Planner with Horry County Planning & Zoning at 843-915-5340.

Severe Weather Update: Horry County County Returns to OPCON 5

Conway, South Carolina – At 3 p.m., Horry County moved to Operating Condition (OPCON) 5.  OPCON 5 means that Horry County is operating under normal conditions. Citizens should continue to stay tuned to local media for weather updates. 


Severe Weather Update: Horry County Moves to OPCON 4

Conway, South Carolina – At 9:00 a.m., Horry County will move to Operating Condition Level 4 (OPCON 4) in preparation of severe weather from a powerful storm moving from the Ohio Valley across our area today. OPCON 4 puts Horry County on “Alert” status, which means that county officials have begun discussions with South Carolina Emergency Management, the National Weather Service, and other coastal communities.  Horry County will continue to monitor the storm closely and review all operational plans.  The Horry County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is NOT active at this time, however Horry County Emergency Management will continue to keep the public aware of changes in the forecast and appropriate action will be taken as necessary.

The current forecast indicates that severe weather will be possible today and the dominant hazard could be wind gusts up to 70 mph and the potential for isolated tornados. A wind advisory remains in effect as wind gusts can topple trees due to ground saturation from recent rains, causing power outages. Driving may also be difficult especially in high profile vehicles.

Citizens should stay tuned to local media for updates.  It is also a good time to review family emergency plans, including items that may be needed during power outages such as water, batteries, flashlights, etc. Residents should also survey their property and secure any objects that could become airborne during high winds.

For more information on wind safety, please visit the National Weather Service's website.

High Wind Safety Tips

If you are caught outside during high winds:


  • Take cover next to a building or under a secure shelter.
  • Stand clear of roadways as a gust may blow you into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
  • Watch for flying debris. Tree limbs may break and street signs may come loose during strong winds.

In the event of a downed power line:

  • Report downed lines to your local utility company and 911.
  • Avoid anything that may be touching downed lines, including vehicles or tree branches.
  • If a line falls on your car, stay inside the vehicle. Take care not to touch any part of the metal frame of your vehicle.

If you are driving:

  • Keep both hands on the wheel and slow down.
  • Watch for objects blowing across the roadway and into your path.
  • Keep a safe distance from cars in adjacent lanes, as strong gusts could push a car outside its lane of travel.
  • Take extra care in a high-profile vehicle such as trucks, vans, SUVs, or when towing a trailer, as these are more prone to being pushed or flipped by high wind gusts.
  • If winds are severe enough to prevent safe driving, safely pull over onto the shoulder of the road and stop, making sure you are away from trees or other tall objects that could fall onto your vehicle.