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South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Hurricane Matthew Flood Maps

On September 19, 2018 in Emergencies

Date: 19 September 2018

Time: 10 a.m.

Conway, South Carolina – South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has created a map showing the flooding the occurred with Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Hurricane Florence flooding is expected to match those flooding levels and in many cases exceed those levels. This mapping application, available on Horry County’s website, allows users to search by address and the map will zoom to that location. The hatched areas identify areas impacted by Hurricane Matthew and are expected to be impacted by Hurricane Florence flooding.

It is important to note, residents should prepare to expect flood heights equal to or greater than those experienced during Hurricane Matthew.

NOTE: Residents should not rely on this map or underlying flood data as being certain or determinative, as conditions resulting from Hurricane Florence are unprecedented and are in flux. Residents should err on the side of caution and make decisions based on their own assessment of what is best for their safety and well-being and the preservation of their property. Horry County Government cannot and does not assume such responsibility by providing information and forecasts as has been made available to it by State and Federal authorities.

To view the flood maps, visit our website at Users can also find links to local road conditions, damage self-reporting, electrical outages and more.