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Upcoming Traffic Pattern Shift at the Horry County Government & Justice Center December 2021

On December 1, 2021 in County News

To accommodate an anticipated increase in traffic at the Treasurer’s office, Horry County Government is implementing a temporary traffic pattern shift at the Horry County Government and Justice Center in Conway.

The Treasurer’s drive-thru at the main office located at the Government and Justice Center in Conway will be extended to improve traffic efficiency Friday, December 3 through Monday, December 5. Traffic for the drive-thru will enter on Second Avenue and travel through an extended drive-thru lane in the Government and Justice Center parking lot. See the map below. The red and green arrows indicate the flow of traffic for the drive-thru. The spaces marked in blue will not be available for parking. Visitors are urged to drive cautiously in the area and pay attention to directional signs.

Visitors to the facility that do not need to utilize the drive-thru to pay taxes should enter and exit the parking lot from the Lewis Street access or the access on Elm Street near Marina Drive.

With increased traffic, please expect additional wait time at our facility. We ask everyone to be patient and drive courteously. Many tax payment transactions can also be handled online at