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Some Property Owners to Receive Property Assessment Notices This Week

On September 29, 2014 in County News, General

Conway, South Carolina— Approximately 26 percent of Horry County property owners will be receiving real estate assessment notices this week. The form they will receive is clearly marked at the top with “THIS IS NOT A TAX BILL”, and it shows the 2014 market and taxable property values, as well as the assessment value which is used to calculate the tax bill. The reason that not all property owners will receive this notice is that State law requires the notice to be sent only to owners of properties whose market value has increased by $1,000.  This notice also provides guidance if the owner would like to appeal the assessment on their property.

The 2014 real estate property reassessment has resulted in 65,266 properties with market value increases of $1,000 or more, which are the properties that will receive the assessment notices.  There are 158,662 properties with market value decreases of $1,000 or more and 26,000 properties with increases or decreases less than $1,000.

Each property owner has 90 days after the date of the assessment notice to notify the Assessor’s Office if they would like to appeal the value as shown on the reassessment notice. The appeal form is available HERE. Filing an appeal does not waive the tax liability, so while the appeals process is underway, it is recommended that you pay the tax liability prior to the penalty period to avoid further penalties.  For more information on property assessment notices, please contact the Horry County Assessor’s Department at (843) 915-5040.

Also towards the end of October, the county will mail real property tax bills. Approximately 250,000 bills will be mailed. However, if you have been making installment payments during the year  as payments to be applied against your  2014 real property tax bill, your tax bill will not be mailed to you until November 15th. The reason for this delay is that the installment payment that you make during the month of October needs to be processed in order to determine the remaining balance due on your 2014 taxes.  Tax bills relating to 2014 can be paid without penalty up to January 15, 2015. Payments postmarked after January 15, 2015, and payments paid at the County’s Treasurer’s Office locations after January 15, 2015 will be subject to a 3% penalty, and additional penalty of 7% if not paid on or before February 1, 2015, and a third penalty of 5% if not paid on or before  March 16, 2015.  Additional information relating to paying real property taxes on-line, or signing up for the installment payment plan, is available HERE.  New applications for the 2015 tax year Installment Payment Program deadline is January 15, 2015.  For more information concerning tax payments please contact the Horry County Treasurer’s Office at (843) 915-5470.