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Quarterly Employee Awards Announced

On April 19, 2013 in County News

Conway, South Carolina – Horry County announced the three winners of the Horry County Employee Quarterly Awards and a winner from each of the three divisions was chosen.

Jackie Angus, Library Technology Support Specialist for the Horry County Memorial Library System, won the Administration Division Quarterly Award for her innovative creation of statistical reports needed to make better decisions on purchasing and deploying library materials. By creating these reports, Ms. Angus negated the need to purchase a costly subscription service. Her reports will assist the library in utilizing the collections’ budget better by providing usage data. In addition, Ms. Angus helped the library system save money by eliminating Domain Name Servers (DNS) and moving to OPENDNS which is cloud based. This move caused an estimated $7000 savings and also provided for enhanced security and faster communications. Jackie also saved $6000 by obtaining a virtual server and approximately $12,000 for her E-Rate filings. Ms. Angus’ use of trending technology has allowed the Horry County Memorial Library system to run more efficiently and cost effectively.

John Harrelson, Lieutenant at the Horry County Police Department, won the Public Safety Division Quarterly Award for his outstanding work during the Windsor Green Fire of March 2013. Lt. Harrelson was tasked with accounting for all of the residents of the condominium complex. Along with Horry County Fire Rescue, Horry County Sheriff’s Office, Horry County Public Works and other county police officers, Lt. Harrelson was able to account for every condominium by Monday, March 18, 2013. Not only did Lt. Harrelson’s actions save the county tens of thousands of dollars but also greatly reduced the possibility of injuries to county employees while working in a dangerous and unhealthy environment.

Joe McGee, Automotive Mechanic for Horry County Fleet Service, won the Infrastructure & Regulation Division Quarterly Award because he always performs his duties at a level beyond all expectations. He always strives to complete each and every assignment to the best of his abilities in the least amount of time. Out of ten nominees, Mr. McGee recently received the Fleet Service Mechanic of 2012. He is able to adapt to the assignment and always displays a “can do” attitude. He also demonstrates the “Character First” monthly traits of “Orderliness”, “Forgiveness”, and “Sincerity”.

These three winners of the Horry County Employee Quarterly Awards received $250, a designated parking space, a certificate of achievement, and are eligible for the Employee of the Year Award of $1,000.

Other outstanding nominees were:
  • Jamel Davis-Sherrif’s Office
  • Wesley Green-Beach & Street
  • Jeannie Jenerette-Assessor’s Office
  • Faye Jones-Community Development Office
  • Rose Joyner-Finance Office
  • Michael Medeiros-Fire Rescue
  • Lori Woods-E911

The Employee Quarterly Award Program focuses on an act or performance accomplished by an employee that is significant or of great value to the department or county organization as a whole and is beyond normal expectations of the employee. Considerations are also given to customer service, cost/time savings, recognized increased efficiency, and/or effectiveness, or revenue generated funds.