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Quarterly Employee Awards Announced

On April 17, 2015 in County News

Conway, South Carolina – Horry County announced the three winners of the Horry County Employee Quarterly Awards, and a winner from each of the three divisions was chosen.

Kenneth Urbaniak, Security Control Technician for the Department of Airports, won the Administration Division/Airport Quarterly Award for his leadership skills.  Mr. Urbaniak has over 20-years of civilian and military aviation experience.  He works in the Airport’s Communications Office which is staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  Kenneth always conducts himself in a calm, poised and methodical manner no matter the situation.  He often takes the lead and manages stressful events.  He works closely with the Horry County Police, Horry County Air Rescue Fire, Myrtle Beach Dispatch and the Transportation Safety Administration to help keep staff and visitors at the Myrtle Beach International Airport safe.

Julius Graham, Volunteer Recruiter for Horry County Fire Rescue, won the Public Safety Division Quarterly Award for his work in expanding the volunteer component of Horry County Fire Rescue, which saves the county countless dollars by avoiding the cost of paid firefighters.  Due to Mr. Graham’s efforts, Horry County Fire Rescue has a total of 412 volunteers.  Julius has redesigned the volunteer recruitment program and instituting levels of volunteerism that provides a vehicle for the county to avoid waste in purchasing equipment by having volunteers serve in a internship phase to ensure their commitment and ability to be volunteer firefighters.   Mr. Graham’s outstanding dedication has made him an invaluable resource of Horry County Fire Rescue.

Jerry Brown, Heavy Equipment Operator III for Horry County Public Works, won the Infrastructure & Regulation Division Quarterly Award for his dedication, knowledge of his district and willingness to assist wherever and whenever needed.  Mr. Brown was hired in 1981 and has since become an integral part of Horry County Public Works. Over his years with Horry County Public Works, Jerry has operated backhoes, supervised inmate work crews and responded to several major disasters such as Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Floyd.  Mr. Brown is retiring at the end of April after 34-years of service and will leave big shoes to fill.

These three winners of the Horry County Employee Quarterly Awards received $250, a designated parking space, a certificate of achievement, and are eligible for the Employee of the Year Award of $1,000.

Other outstanding nominees were:

  • Margaret “Peggy” Adduce-E911
  • Charles Deloach-J. Reuben Long Detention Center
  • Dennis Liu-Police
  • Robert Freeman-Parks & Recreation
  • Pat Griffin-Maintenance
  • Scott Sankow-Fleet Service
  • Susan Boyd-Library System
  • Lisa Gartner-Assessor
  • Cathy Gasque-Auditor
  • Crystal Smith-Finance

The Employee Quarterly Award Program focuses on an act or performance accomplished by an employee that is significant or of great value to the department or county organization as a whole and is beyond normal expectations of the employee. Considerations are also given to customer service, cost/time savings, recognized increased efficiency, and/or effectiveness, or revenue generated funds.