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On October 8, 2016 in Emergencies, Public Safety

With the last burst of strong winds passing through our area, Horry County has experienced MAJOR county-wide power outages…Santee Cooper currently has over 40% of their customers without power and Horry Electric Cooperative has 90% without power. It is estimated that it will take several days to fully restore electrical services throughout the county.

In addition, Horry County has major thoroughfares that are impassable due to flooding and/or numerous downed trees including:

  • Hwy 501
  • Hwy 378
  • Hwy 90
  • Hwy 905
  • Hwy 9
  • Hwy 701

With over one hundred roads impassable throughout the county, public safety officials are pleading with the public to STAY OFF THE ROADS!!!  For the safety of our citizens and our public safety personnel, Horry County has instituted a curfew (for the unincorporated areas of the county) from 6 p.m. this evening until 6 a.m. Sunday morning and again Sunday, October 9 from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. (Monday morning).

  • When you see downed lines, stay away from them and report them to your utility provider.
  • Lines do not have to be sparking to be live.  
  • Any utility wire, including phone or cable lines, sagging or down, could be in contact with an energized power line making them very dangerous.
  • Tree limbs or debris can hid an electrical hazard.  
  • Down power lines can energize items such as chain link fences and metal culverts.
  • Avoid walking around at night when you will not be able to see downed lines.

To report a downed line or power outage:

Santee Cooper


Will need name on the account, location of the downed line/outage and a phone number.

Horry Electric


Will need name on the account, location of the downed line/outage and a phone number.

***For both Santee Cooper & Horry Electric, the phone lines will be very busy.  Callers should be patient and keep trying to get through.