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Horry County News and Announcements


County Council Standing Committees for 2020

Each January, County Council votes on a vice-chairman. Also, the County Council Chairman appoints members to chair and sit on Council committees as follows:

Chairman: Johnny Gardner

Vice-Chairman: Paul Prince


Public Safety

Danny Hardee, Chairman

Gary Loftus

Al Allen

Orton Bellamy


Transportation/Economic Development

Dennis DiSabato, Chairman

Bill Howard

Gary Loftus

Cam Crawford


Infrastructure & Regulation

Al Allen, Chairman

Bill Howard

Paul Prince

Danny Hardee



Johnny Vaught, Chairman

Harold Worley

Tyler Servant

Orton Bellamy    


Click HERE to view our meeting calendar or HERE to contact County Council.

Quarterly Employee Awards Announced

Conway, South Carolina – Horry County announced the winners of the Horry County Employee Quarterly Awards, and a winner from each of the three divisions was chosen.


Alton Driggers, Supervisor, for Business License/Hospitality; Karen Polhemus, Supervisor, for Business License/Hospitality; Tori Bell, Revenue Collector, for Business License/Hospitality; Grayson Edge, Information Technology; Mike Bentley, Information Technology and John Bodner, Project Manager, Information Technology all won the Administration Division Quarterly Award for their successful implementation of the Munis Citizen Self-Service application and for the completion of the first On-Line Return Filings & Payments application. This added functionality delivers the potential to dramatically evolve the operation of hospitality collections from manual filings and entry to an operation more focused on compliance, auditing and revenue enhancement. The team processes approximately $50 million in revenue annually. Just a 1% increase in revenue due to greater compliance would generate $500,000 in additional revenue annually.

Public Safety

Ashley Carroll, Deputy Director of the Horry County Emergency Management Department, won for her work on the CRS Flood Insurance rating that Horry County received May 1, 2017. The rating establishes the discount a property owner carrying a National Flood Insurance Program policy may receive upon renewal. Horry County’s previous rating of nine saved policy holders approximately $350,000 per year on flood insurance rates. Through Ashley’s diligence and hard work, Horry County was able to move from a rating of nine to a rating of seven which is a significant advancement under the CRS rating program. This move equates to an additional savings of over $850,000 annually. 

Infrastructure & Regulation

Dave Fuss, Watershed Planner for Horry County Stormwater, won for his work coordinating with the United States Department of Agriculture on the Emergency Watershed Protection Grant (EWP) which was necessitated from Hurricane Matthew. Even though he had other duties, Dave’s diligence and willingness to go above and beyond resulted in three watersheds being funded for repair through the USDA grant. Dave persisted and was able to find additional funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the remaining repairs. His hard work allowed the watersheds to receive the needed repairs and saved the county thousands of tax payer dollars. 

These three winners of the Horry County Employee Quarterly Awards received $250, a certificate of achievement and are eligible to win the Employee of the Year Award of $1,000.

Other outstanding nominees were:

  • Robert Freeman, Parks & Recreation
  • Shawn Williams, Public Works
  • Luciann Kinnally, Library
  • Melinda York, Assessor
  • Pam Cooper, E911
  • James Green, Police
  • Michael Henry, Fire Rescue
  • Ben Lawson, Fire Rescue
  • Harold Rohrback, Police
  • John West, Sheriff’s Office

The Employee Quarterly Award Program focuses on an act or performance accomplished by an employee that is significant or of great value to the department or county organization as a whole and is beyond normal expectations of the employee. Considerations are also given to customer service, cost/time savings, recognized increased efficiency, and/or effectiveness, or revenue generated funds.