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Hurricane Matthew Update: Flooding in Bucksport

October 13, 2016

11 a.m.

Hurricane Matthew Update:

A CodeRed message was sent from the Horry County Emergency Operations Center this morning alerting the residents of Bucksport about the flooding.  Please see below for the message:

"Properties near and around Bucksport Road, from the river to the James R. Frazier Recreation Center, are reporting flooding due to the Pee Dee River.

Horry County Fire Rescue crews and the Horry County Police are in your community assisting those that need to evacuate their property.  We encourage people to leave now and report to the James R. Frazier Recreation Center.  Please call Horry County Emergency Management at 843-915-5150 for assistance."


NOAA Weather Transmitter Damaged; CodeRed® Weather Alerts Recommended

Conway, South Carolina – The National Weather Service in Wilmington, North Carolina notified Horry County that the NOAA Weather Radio transmitter that serves the Grand Strand and other communities across northeast South Carolina, suffered wind damage.  The radio transmitter is located in Aynor, SC. As a result of the damage, the transmitter signal has been significantly decreased and some people in the area may not be able to receive emergency weather broadcasts until it can be replaced sometime within the next six months.  As a result, Horry County citizens are urged to sign up for the CodeRED® emergency notification system.  CodeRED® not only provides county officials with the ability to deliver emergency telephone notifications, but also has a free severe weather notification application.  The application is an opt-in only weather warning product that taps into the National Weather Service’s Storm Based Warnings.  It is a geographically targeted weather-warning product which will alert citizens moments after a severe thunderstorm, flash flood, or tornado warning has been issued. 
If you have not yet signed up for the free notifications, click HERE to sign up now.
Your contact information will remain private and will only be used for emergency notifications. Those without internet access may call the Horry County Public Information Office at (843) 915-5390, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to give their information over the phone to be added to the CodeRED® system. Required information includes first and last name, street address (physical address, no P.O. Boxes), city, state, zip code, primary phone number and additional phone numbers are optional. 
For more information regarding the NOAA Weather Radio transmitter, contact Steve Pfaff with the National Weather Service at 910-762-0524 ext. 223.