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Horry County Sheriff Recognized by South Carolina Department of Corrections

Conway, South Carolina-Horry County Sheriff Phillip Thompson was recognized today by the South Carolina Department of Corrections’ Division of Young Offender Parole and Reentry Services (YOPRS) during their Founder’s Day celebration at the Department’s Training Academy located at 4444 Broad River Road in Columbia.    Sheriff Thompson received the Young Offender Parole & Reentry Services Judge Bill Byars Community Partner Award in Law Enforcement for the partnership between the SCDC and the Jail Diversion / Reentry Program at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

 In July 2011, SCDC implemented a new evidence-based parole service for Youthful Offenders, ages 17-25, called Intensive Supervision. Throughout the life of the program, 2,102 Youthful Offenders have been assigned to Intensive Supervision and 1,730 have been paroled. Today, fully implemented Intensive Supervision Services are experiencing substantial reductions in the number of young men and women returning to prison, helping to end the generational cycle of incarceration. Previously, this high-risk population was returning to prison at a rate of more than 50 percent. SCDC’s unique supervision program touts an impressive 13.5% 2-year recidivism rate.\

 The purpose of Founder’s Day is to reflect on the accomplishments of the Intensive Supervision Services along with institutional initiatives undertaken to improve services for Youthful Offenders which are having positive effects on recidivism. The focus is on the resilience of the young men and women served by SCDC, both while incarcerated and under supervision in the community. The event is also an opportunity to show SCDC's gratitude to community partners that help renew the commitment to improving the quality of life across South Carolina.

The Horry County Sheriff's Office partnered with the Young Offenders Parole & Reentry Services Division of the SC Department of Corrections three years ago accepting Youthful Offenders from Turbeville Correctional Institute into the Sheriff's Office three phase drug rehabilitation and reentry program at the detention center.

The program addresses addiction problems and criminogenic behaviors through a therapeutic community environment that lasts up to one year incarceration, then transitioning to a halfway house and ultimately preparing the inmate for reentry back in to the community. The program is the only such rehabilitation program of its kind in South Carolina operated within a detention center and averages around a 70% successful rehabilitation rate.