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Election Day Voting Opens Tomorrow

The Horry County Voters Registration and Elections Office wants to share some important reminders with our voters ahead of election day tomorrow.

Voting on Tuesday, June 14:

If you still have an absentee ballot:

  • For the ballot to count, it must be received by the county voter registration office no later than 7:00 p.m. on June 14. 
  • Be sure to sign the voter’s oath and have the return envelope witnessed before returning the ballot.  Make sure the witness provides an address.
  • Instead of mailing your ballot, consider personally delivering your ballot to ensure it arrives on time.
  • Photo ID is required when returning the absentee ballot in person.

As a reminder, the County is no longer able to share election results on our website. You must visit on election night to find election results.

Media note: Members of the press are encouraged to be in-person at the Voters Registration and Elections Office. There will be members of the Election Commission on-site at that office that can help answer questions and facilitate media requests on election day. Media members are also allowed to visit the polls, but we ask that you be respectful of our voters and you must follow any directions provided by the poll workers on-site. As in recent years, with the new website requirements, the County will not be opening the multi-purpose rooms on election night.