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The Horry County Animal Care Center and Horry County Police Department are aware of some community concerns regarding a proposed animal ordinance update being considered by Horry County Public Safety Committee and Horry County Council.

In an effort to gauge the needs and desires of the community as Council works to determine the way forward, Horry County has established as a dedicated email inbox for the submission of animal ordinance-related feedback.

Feedback will be accepted through Friday, Sept. 3, 2021. After that time, the inbox will be deactivated.

While the HCPD and HCACC take no position on proposed legislative action, we want to make sure our community is engaged and informed regarding matters of public safety.

Community members can review the proposed animal ordinance update in its current form on the Horry County website as part of the most recent Horry County Council agenda packet:

Horry County Fire Rescue Seeks Community Feedback

Conway, South Carolina – Horry County Fire/Rescue strives to provide quality services to all citizens and visitors of Horry County and would like to receive feedback from the community regarding the services they provide and the manner in which they are provided.   A citizen’s survey has been added to the Horry County Fire/Rescue’s website

 which will allow citizens the opportunity to share their observations and experiences regarding any recent services that was provided by Horry County Fire/Rescue. 

The results from the survey will be used to better serve the community.   For more information regarding Horry County Fire/Rescue, please call (843) 915-5190.