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Keep Horry County Beautiful to Conduct Annual Litter Index

Conway, South Carolina – The Keep Horry County Beautiful Committee will conduct the Annual Litter Index February 23, 2016.  Community volunteers are needed to assist with the project.

Keep Horry County Beautiful (KHCB) is a local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and PalmettoPride.  One of the requirements of all Keep America Beautiful affiliates is to conduct a Community Appearance Index (aka Litter Index). 

Litter Indexes have been conducted annually since 2011, when KHCB was certified as an affiliate.  KHCB members, staff, and volunteers conduct a windshield survey of 113 locations.  The locations include sections of roadway, boat landings, and parks.  Participants use the following grading system developed by Keep America Beautiful:

  • A location with minimal or no litter scores a 1.
  • A location with slight litter scores a 2.
  • A location that is littered scores a 3.
  • A location with extreme litter scores a 4. 

As part of the Litter Index, KHCB also surveys illegal signs.  A similar scoring system is used:

  • A location with no illegal signs scores a 1.
  • A location with slight sign cluttering scores a 2.
  • A location with sign cluttering scores a 3.
  • A location with extreme sign cluttering scores a 4.

A score is given to each location based on the amount of litter the participants see.  At the end of the day, all the scores are totaled and divided by eight, which is the number of litter districts in Horry County, to get the Litter Index score for KAB. 

There will be four groups of volunteers conducting the windshield survey in the morning and four groups in the afternoon.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Nancy Tindall at 843-915-7893 or email .