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Horry County News and Announcements


Meeting Cancellations for September 10-14, 2018




3 p.m.-Horry County Transportation Committee, Horry County Government & Justice Center, Council Conference Room, 1301 Second Avenue, Conway.Cancelled

5:30 p.m.-Horry County Zoning Board of Appeals, Horry County Government & Justice Center, Multipurpose Rooms, 1301 Second Avenue, Conway.


12 p.m.-Horry County Parks & Open Space Board, Horry County Government & Justice Center, Multipurpose Room B, 1301 Second Avenue, Conway. Cancelled

2 p.m.-Horry County Administration Committee, Horry County Government & Justice Center, Council Conference Room, 1301 Second Avenue, Conway. Cancelled

Horry County Moves to OPCON 4-TS-Florence

Date: 8 September 2017

Time: 12 p.m.


Conway, South Carolina – Horry County has moved to a Level 4 Operating Condition (OPCON 4) as of 12 p.m. today in preparation for potential impacts from Tropical Storm Florence.  OPCON 4 puts Horry County on “alert” status, which means county officials have begun discussions with South Carolina Emergency Management, coastal communities including local municipalities, and will continue to monitor the situation closely. The Horry County Emergency Operations Center is not currently activated, however, Horry County Emergency Management will continue to keep the public aware of changes in the forecast and appropriate action will be taken as necessary.

In anticipation of possible effects on Horry County from the tropical system, Horry Emergency Management wants to remind all citizens that waiting for a watch or warning is waiting too long! Begin preparation now by:

  • Surveying your property to mitigate potential flooding, such as making sure storm drains and gutters are clear of debris. 
  • Having family hurricane plans in place.
  • Ensuring family emergency/hurricane kits are ready; including items like water, batteries, flashlights, etc. 
  • Continually monitoring reputable weather information sources such as local media or the National Hurricane Center for the most up to date hurricane information.
  • Keeping vehicles fueled up and serviced. 
  • Being sure that you Know Your Zone! Go to Horry County’s website to find your zone.
  • Knowing where you will evacuate if asked to.
  • Making plans for pets.

Additional hurricane information can be found on Horry County’s website at


Horry County Emergency Management Facebook:

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Horry County Operating Condition (OPCON) Levels


OPCON 5: Normal day to day operations

OPCON 4: Storm poses possible threat: The possibility of an emergency or disaster situation that may require activation of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC).

OPCON 3: Storm poses significant threat: A disaster or emergency situation is likely. Most likely the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) has been or will be activated (either partially or fully based on the severity of the event).

OPCON 2: Evacuation order imminent: A disaster or emergency situation is imminent or in effect.

OPCON 1: Evacuation order issued: A major disaster or emergency is in effect. This is the highest state of emergency situation and the Emergency Operations Center is fully activated.  This also applies to post disaster operations.