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Horry County Board of Registration & Elections to Conduct Scanner Test

Conway, South Carolina – The Horry County Board of Registration and Elections will conduct a routine test of the 650 Scanner used to count absentee ballots on Election Day, January 2, 2018.  The test will be held Friday, December 29, 2017, at 9 a.m. at the Horry County Registration & Elections Office located at 1515 4th Avenue in Conway.

For more information, contact Horry County Registration & Elections at 843-915-5440.

South Carolina Election Commission Urges Voters to Prepare for November 8th General Election

Contact: Chris Whitmire, (803) 734-9070 or email.

SEC Urges Voters to Prepare for November 8 General Election

Governor Nikki Haley declares September 2016 as Voter Education Month

Columbia, South Carolina (September 21, 2016) – State and local voter registration and elections officials are using the month of September to encourage voters to prepare for the November 8 General Election.

"During the month of September, election officials across the State of South Carolina are focused on encouraging voters to register to vote or update their addresses, educating voters on what they need to bring with them to the polls, and helping voters learn more about what offices and candidates will be on their ballot before they get to the voting booth," Andino said.

"There are approximately 3 million registered voters in South Carolina, however, there are an additional 700,000 citizens who are eligible but not registered," Andino said.  Voters have until October 8 to register so they can vote in the November 8 General Election.  Any eligible citizen with a driver's license or DMV ID card can register to vote online at  Voters can also download a voter registration by mail application or register to vote at their county elections office, or at a number of state and local government agencies.

“We want voters to be ready to vote,” Andino said.  “Updating your address, knowing where to vote, having the right ID, and reviewing your sample ballot are all keys to having a smooth election day process.”  Historically, voter turnout in presidential elections has been as high as 76%.  This will likely to result in lines at polling places.  Andino continued, “Election officials need to be ready to handle high turnout, but voters can also help by doing their part.

Here are some simple steps voters can take to get ready to vote in the General Election:

  • Register to Vote – Online voter registration is available at
  • Check your registration at – Make sure your registration is active and your address is up to date.  
  • Update your address – You can update your address using online voter registration. 
  • Review your sample ballot – Review your sample ballot at so you are ready to vote once you get to the booth 
  • Make sure you bring proper ID

Here's what voters need to know about Photo ID: 

  • If you are registered to vote and already have a driver's license, a DMV ID, a passport, or a federal military ID, you are ready to vote.  Be sure to bring your Photo ID with you to the polls.  
  • If you don't have one of those photo IDs, you can help streamline your voting process by getting one before election day.  You can get a free Photo ID from your county elections office or any DMV location. 
  • If you can't get a Photo ID before election day, be sure to bring your non-photo voter registration card with you to the polls.  This will allow you to sign an affidavit stating you had an impediment to obtaining a Photo ID.  You can then vote a provisional ballot that will count, unless your affidavit is proven to be false.

For more information on Voter Education Month activities and other issues related to voter registration and elections, visit or your county registration and elections office.