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Unofficial Election Results

SC Governor

(Republican) Henry McMaster 70,438
(Democrat) James Smith Jr 37,620

SC Secretary of State

(Republican) Mark Hammond 72,253
(Democrat) Melvin T Whittenburg 35,552

SC Treasurer

(Democrat) Rosalyn L Glenn 35,597
(Republican) Curtis Loftis 71,149
(American) Sarah Work 1,264

SC Attorney General

(Democrat) Constance Anastopoulo 37,414
(Republican) Alan Wilson 70,644

SC Comptroller General

(Republican) Richard Eckstrom 79,597

SC Superintendent of Education

(Republican) Molly Mitchell Spearman 73,391
(Democrat) Israel Romero 33,644

SC Agriculture Commissioner

(Green) David Edmond 9,856
(United Citizen) Chris Nelums 4,397
(Republican) Hugh Weathers 74,535

US House District 7

(Republican) Tom Rice 73,393
(Democrat) Robert Williams 34,750

SC House District 55

(Democrat) Jackie E Hayes 363

SC House District 56

(Republican) Tim McGinnis 10,805

SC House District 57

(Democrat) Lucas Atkinson 356

SC House District 58

(Republican) Jeff Johnson 9,490

SC House District 68

(Republican) Heather Ammons Crawford 9,307
(Libertarian) Cameron Ventura 2,371

SC House District 103

(Democrat) Carl L Anderson 617

SC House District 104

(Republican) William Bailey 14,305

SC House District 105

(Republican) Kevin Hardee 8,732

SC House District 106

(Republican) Russell Fry 13,033
(Democrat) Robin Gause 6,007

SC House District 107

(Republican) Alan Clemmons 10,333

15th Circuit Solicitor

(Republican) Jimmy A Richardson 81,654

Horry County Council Chair

(Republican) Johnny Gardner 81,375

Horry County Council District, 01

(Republican) Harold Worley 9,997

Horry County Council District, 02

(Republican) Bill Howard 8,773

Horry County Council District, 05

(Republican) Tyler Servant 9,061

Horry County Council District, 07

(Republican) Orton Bellamy 4,269
(Democrat) Harold Leon Phillips 3,952

Horry County Council District, 08

(Republican) Johnny Vaught 6,521

Horry County Council District, 11

(Republican) Al Allen 6,795

Horry County Probate Judge

(Republican) Kathy G Ward 81,645

Horry County School Board Chair

(Republican) Ken Richardson 81,117

Horry County School Board District, 01

(Democrat) Micah Paul Gore 3,725
(Republican) Holly Heniford 8,998

Horry County School Board District, 02

(Republican) Sherrie H Todd 8,818

Horry County School Board District, 03

(Republican) Ray H Winters 4,456

Horry County School Board District, 06

(Republican) Helen Mason Smith 5,850

Horry County School Board District, 07

(Democrat) Janet P Graham 5,059

Horry County School Board District, 10

(Republican) Neil James 6,075
(Democrat) Shakedra Jenerette 2,108

Horry County Soil and Water District Commission

Matthew Gene Johnson 38,334
Glenn Winburn 32,974

Watershed Conservation District, Buck Creek

Don G Kelley Jr 549
Ned Marlowe 461

Watershed Conservation District, Crabtree Swamp

Steven Edge 1,663
Moses Johnson 1,194

Watershed Conservation District, Gapway Swamp

Jimmy C Bailey Jr 85
Jimmy C Bailey Sr 72

Watershed Conservation District, Simpson Creek

Charles L Cooke Jr 546
Dale T Todd 595

Watershed Conservation District, Todd Swamp

Stevie L Watts 66
Ed Wilson 57


Must Section 7, Article VI of the Constitution of this State, relating to state constitutional officers, be amended so as to provide that beginning in January 2023, or upon a vacancy in the office of Superintendent of Education after the date of the ratification of the provisions of this paragraph, whichever occurs first, the Superintendent of Education must be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate; to provide that the appointed Superintendent of Education shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor; and to require the General Assembly to provide by law for the duties, compensation, and qualifications for the office?
Yes 48,860
No 55,222


Do you favor the imposition of development impact fees on new residential and non-residential development in the County, after the required study is conducted pursuant to State Statute, in order to offset the cost the impact such new development has on public infrastructure and facilities, and shifting some of the burden of funding necessary improvements from existing taxpayers to the new development creating the demand?
Yes, In favor of the question 75,904
No, Opposed to the question 28,282


Do you favor the dissolution of the Socastee Community Recreation Special Tax District, operations and funding for which is to be assumed by Horry County Government and its Department of Parks and Recreation as part of the County's Countywide Recreation Program?
Yes, In favor of the question 7,808
No, Opposed to the question 3,511